Product Listings


Create Products in Stores > Products > Add:


Simple Products: Create individual items like dishes or drinks and associate them with a restaurant.


Menus or Product Packs: Group items into menus or special packages.
   - Add Group: Combine other groups to create varied options within the menu.
   - Option Selection: Define the minimum and maximum items that can be chosen in the menu.
   - Price: Customize the price or keep the original product price.
   - Additional Cost: Mark items as extras to add to the total cost.
   - One per Option: Determine if selection is limited to one item per group in the menu.
   - Activate/Deactivate Items: Use toggles to control the availability of each item.


Review and Publish:
   - Check Activations: Ensure that all items and options are correct and available.
   - Activate Store: The store needs to be active for items to be listed and visible to users.


Tips and Recommendations:
   - Content Quality: Ensure that all descriptions, images, and product information are of high quality and accurate.
   - Regular Updates: Keep the store and product information updated, especially regarding availability and prices.
   - Monitoring: Regularly check sales and user feedback to adjust and improve the listings.


Following these steps, you will be equipped to create and manage content effectively for restaurants on your platform, providing a rich and enjoyable experience for users.

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