Room Management


Create Rooms for the Property:

   - Room Management: In a specific property, go to Options or Content Management and add rooms.
   - Room Settings:
   - Fixed Price: Activate if the price should remain constant, regardless of the length of stay.
   - Perpetual Availability: Activate if the room should always be available, regardless of booking overlaps.
   - Activate/Deactivate: Ensure that the rooms are activated to appear in the listings.


Review and Publish:

   - Check Activations: Make sure that all settings are correct and that at least one room or option is available.
   - Activate Property: The property needs to be active to be listed and visible to users.


Tips and Recommendations:

   - Content Quality: Ensure that all descriptions, images, and information about the rooms are of high quality and accurate.
   - Regular Updates: Keep the property and room information updated, especially regarding availability and prices.
   - Monitoring: Regularly check bookings and user feedback to adjust and improve the listings.


By following these steps, you will be well-equipped to create and manage content effectively for hotels on your platform, providing a rich and enjoyable experience for users.

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