Course Merchant

Create Account

Access the Instructors Panel. Log in or create an instructor account if you don't have one, filling in all necessary information.
Create Profile
Access the Merchant Panel. Log in. Choose your existing profile or click to create a new one. Complete all necessary information and submit for review.


Manage Profile
In your Merchant Panel, access Settings to edit the information you entered during your profile creation.


Manage Courses
In your Merchant Panel, go to Courses > Add to create a new course. Select the category and subcategory and associate with an instructor. Within the course, click to add modules. Within each module, add videos, link files, and tests. Add extra resources by clicking on a video and adding options with a name and link in the value field. Activate or deactivate any item using the available toggles.


Manage Sales
In your Merchant Panel, view your earnings on the Dashboard Chart adjusting filters as necessary. Track the information of sales in the Sales section. For additional details or for archiving purposes, export the sales information in Sales > More > Export in PDF or EXCEL.

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