Restaurant Merchant

Create Account
1. Access the Merchant Panel and select the option to log in or create a new seller account by filling in the necessary information.


Create Store
1. Enter the Merchant Panel and log in.
2. Choose an existing store or click to create a new one.
3. Fill in the necessary information and submit for activation.


Manage Store
1. In the Merchant Panel, go to Settings to edit your store's information.
2. Update the store's opening hours as necessary.
3. Enable or disable your store using the green/gray button in the Navbar.


Manage Products
1. Navigate to Groups and add new groups.
2. In Products, select Add to create simple products.
3. To create Menus or Product Packs, go to Products > Add and configure the desired options.
4. Activate or deactivate items as needed using the toggles.


Manage Orders
1. Monitor your earnings on the Dashboard Chart and adjust filters as necessary.
2. Access the Orders section to track and manage order information.
3. Export order details to PDF or Excel formats in Orders > More > Export.


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