Styling your Platform


Access the Administrative Panel and go to Settings > Style to personalize the appearance of your platform. Here are the detailed steps:


  • Logo and Icon:
       - Logo: Should be rectangular (recommended 8:2). Upload light and dark files as you prefer.
       - Icon: Should be square (1:1). Ideal for favicons or quick identification.
  • Color Adjustments:
       - Primary and Secondary: Define the dominant colors of the platform.
       - Navbar and Footer: Choose the background and text color for the navigation bar and footer.
       - Buttons: Set colors for primary and secondary buttons, as well as the rounding of corners and text color.
  • Page Width:
       - Adjust the maximum width of the page to suit the desired layout.
  • Fonts:
       - List of Fonts: Choose from the pre-defined options available in the system.
       - Custom Fonts:
       - Access Google Fonts.
       - Find and select the desired font.
       - Choose the font sizes and click on the `<link>` icon.
       - Copy the provided URL (only the link specified between the quotes “”).
       - In "Custom Fonts" in the panel, paste the URL in the designated field.


Tips and Recommendations:
- Always preview changes before applying them to the live site.
- Maintain visual consistency aligned with the brand and purpose of the site.
- Consider readability and accessibility when choosing colors and fonts.


By following these steps, you can personalize the style of the platform to reflect the visual identity of your brand or project professionally and attractively.

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